May 22, 2007

Water of words.

Sicker and sicker a liquor for suckers is drizzling down the back of my throat
Dimmer and dimmer slimmer the slummer falls upon us all here without hats or our coats
Dimmer dimmer dumber damn her
Dimmer dimmer dumber damn her

Words are a fluid so smooth and so lubricant you-we can't stop up our throats, sweet throats, and commence with the singing the light in the tower the bells that are ringing
Ringing ringing rounding rolling
Dinging donging tinging tolling!

Falling down waterfalls
Words in a waterfall
Drowning in waterfalls
Flowing in flowing out
Resting then rolling
Slowing then flowing
Pooling around us
Thank god that you've found us
We're drowning in waterfalls
Water of words