September 29, 2005

Spam Poetry

Sometimes random spam titles are unbearably perfect turns of phrase. You just have to steal 'em.

Take this one: "On stand no ticker"

A quick haiku:
On stand, no ticker.
That missing heart's scream was in
his words: I am not.

Even if the poem's not so great, the phrase really contains many possibilities, no?

September 01, 2005

Sing it with me

You Know More Than I Know
John Cale

But us, like other angry whores
Discuss what steps were made before
You don't need them anymore
You know more than I know

Instead, we read the morning news
In bed - what endlessness ahead
And there's no more to be said
You know more than I know

The blind may see, but stay behind relief
Of all liability and greed
And there's nothing more you need
You know more than I know

No-one listens to it
They don't believe it
But it's the only way for me
You know more than I know

What crap, old chap, fills up the gap
We set like traps, like traps for us, the rats
And there's nothing more to catch
You know more than I know

Then bury me deep down among the weeds
That creep into the hearts of all the weak
And there's nothing oh so weak
You know more than I know

Yeah, it's night time on the city of New Orleans. Terrible shame.