September 05, 2007

I Pledge Allegiance

Mark and Barry, snitch snitch snitch
Wouldn't listen when we told them--
Wouldn't follow simple orders--
Wouldn't help; they di'n't last long.

George and Bettie, snitch snitch snitch
Contrary individuals they were--
Fast with a sneer and faster
with a snicker; we couldn't do with their kind.

Steve and Gordon, snitch snitch snitch
Had to keep those eyelids open--
Those noses sniffing, those ears
eavesdropping; patience vanishes. (Like them, heh heh.)

You and me, chum, snitch snitch snitch
Who'd have thought we'd end up here--
Who'd have thought we'd end up broken--
Who'd have seen us? Snitch, snitch, snitch.


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