August 05, 2005

A little idea of mine

I'd really like to do a compilation of Radiohead songs in the styles of the acts that influenced them.

A few idea that seem particularly appropriate:
In Limbo covered by U2. I admit, it doesn't make sense 'til you try to sing it. As long as you make up a chorus that goes something like "And you left me in liiiimbo, in limbo in limbo!" it's extremely convincing.

Morning Bell covered by Neil Young. Did the vocal ever strike you as strange? Well, around Kid A Neil became a major influence, and the vocal is a total aping of his... particular vocal characteristics. I think he'd like the song to boot.

Street Spirit covered by the Beatles. Yeah, you know it would work. Would it be as sinister? Quite possibly! John or George on lead.

Dollars and Cents covered by the Talking Heads. David Byrne would put an entirely different spin on the vocals, but it would still be as frightening.

Sulk covered by Nirvana. OK, it's a stretch, but I think it would come off well, though decidedly different.

Creep covered by a lounge singer. Oh, wait. Creep covered by Tears for Fears. Oh... wait. Creep covered by Alanis Morisette. Oh, wait. Creep covered by the Pretenders. Eh, screw it, Scott Walker. Oh, wait, we're back to the beginning again.


Blogger vbc3 said...

I'd be all for the live version of "Like Spinning Plates" being covered by John Tesh, evem though I fully realize that the lack of vocals on this cover might be an issue with some people. Then again, I think most people can't stand Thom Yorke's singing anyways, so maybe not.

Anyway, Tesh's utter mastery of mood and atmosphere in his dynamic, soul-stirring compositional style would make "Plates" a perfect idea for him to cover ... preferably with lots of pretty, whooshing digital doo-dads burbling along champagne-like in the background.


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