August 03, 2005

Good neighbors were we all

One of our immediate neighbors is a Syrian expatriate, a seemingly sweet, somewhat scatterbrained guy whom I like despite his total non-maintenance of his property and the strange, late-night visits he gets from friends... or acquaintances... or criminals, it's sometimes hard to say.

He has terrible luck with crime. Persons (possibly) unknown have stolen his tools, his car, his building supplies. They've burned down his garage. People he contracted to work on his house and failed to pay decided that revenge was sweeter than legal recourse, and smashed up the whole house inside. His garage was burned down (thankfully doing only minor damage to ours and his other neighbors) last year, by a particular person possibly unknown. One of his other contractors, another Arabic man, got carjacked leaving the house. I have not experienced these things. I hope never to.

On the other hand, I don't have two bronze lions on my lawn either.


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