July 22, 2005

To sleep, perchancing to be dreaming?

Dreamlog 20050721:
Diane and I on foot safari in a park that looks to be a combination of Dibrova, Golden Gate Park, and my memories of Yellowstone. We hear on the course of our drive that there are leopards loose in the park. Somehow we magically lose the vehicle and find ourselves on foot, and just about the time I crack a mountain lion joke, I see a leopard in pounce position in the underbrush. It takes off running towards us, trying to skirt our boundaries of perception but not doing a very good job of it. It looks like a very, very large house cat in motion. I know leopards don't move like this. We keep walking, and I keep my eyes fixed on its face so it knows I see it. It keeps running circles around us, like Bandit chasing a toy. Finally we get to a populated area, plead our way into somebody's car, and wait it out.

Moral: Felines prey on your sleep. <- for Diane =)

Cut to a hotel or something. The feel is subaquatic and we are revealed to be in the Pacific northwest or San Francisco, I'm not sure which. There is discussion about the end of a vacation.

Cut to a kickass music store. I trade in some loathsome alternative album from the late 90s I have no idea how I came into possesion of and pick up the new Radiohead video collection (performances exclusive to an internet site) and single (which consists entirely of b-sides -- they've gotta do this someday). Also some kind of anime-related thing for Diane, I don't recall what. It was literally the used record store of my dreams.

Cut to a business meeting between me, my boss, and a consultant. It was a perfectly cordial meeting but the consultant seemed much younger than in real life. I remember next to nothing about this segment, other than a vague desire to dance1.

1. that's a pun, not to be taken literally.


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