January 05, 2005

Happy New Year!

*cough* Late as usual.

Let's have a thought from John Buchan, writing in the late 1940s, on "the coming of a too garish age, when life would be lived in the glare of neon lamps and the spirit would have no solitude.”

In such a (nightmare) world everyone would have leisure. But everyone would be restless, for there would be no spiritual disciplines in life. . . . It would be a feverish, bustling world, self-satisfied and yet malcontent, and under the mask of a riotous life there would be death at the heart. In the perpetual hurry of life there would be no chance of quiet for the soul. . . . In such a bagman’s paradise, where life would be rationalized and padded with every material comfort, there would be little satisfaction for the immortal part of man.

Sourced, unexpectedly, from Catholic.net's homiletics section.


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