July 23, 2004

Every wave is new until it breaks

Ah, the craving for vast plains of open water has struck me again. If I were free I'd be looking at Lake Superior from the granite cliffs of the Canadian Shield. We got photos of the last trip developed yesterday, and they have rekindled my desire.

Say... someone has a notebook with a list of the wildlife count from the trip... We didn't find any big mooses, sadly, but we found lots of little ones!

I regret keenly that I did not post to my blog from the Canadian Carver tourist tra^h^h^h attraction.


Blogger Cymbalina said...

I've been having the same feelings. It's a lovely weekend, and it's a shame we can't enjoy it by taking in open skies and open water...

Yes, yes, I must post the list. Bad me, bad me.

3:11 PM  

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