June 25, 2004

Thank You Mr. Geldof

Bob Geldof (formerly of the Boomtown Rats) is one of my heroes. He's hated, misunderstood, mocked, and known to be an insufferable and pretentious git even though he tries his best to avoid such situations. And yet (at least as of 1992) he still maintained enough humor to make great jokes!

The song "A Hole to Fill" has brightened my day immensely. Even though it's off 'The Happy Club', which is a pale shadow of the preceding album (Vegetarians of Love), it's killer:
I left the pub last night and I was just in time

To see them break my windows and slash my tires
"I'm a liberal," I thought as I felt my anger rise
I was desperately searching for my feminine side
But my feminine side was on her morning coffee break
I beat the shit out of one of them, and I felt great!
"Hey Bob," he said, "don't get annoyed.
"We all find different ways to fill up the void."
And I said, "Yeah."
Geldof has the most self-effacing, blackly joyful wit in pop music. Take that, NME.


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