June 15, 2004

Can you Camus?

Here's yet another really cool idea for a Great Work that I will probably never finish: a biographical novel about Albert Camus. Think about it, he had a really interesting life: growing up in Algiers, fighting the death penalty (the quarrel with his father is a really interesting subplot -- one he speaks about in _Resistance, Rebellion, and Death_ and which seems impossible given the Wiki biography - odd), fighting the Nazis and the Vichy government, becoming an incredibly popular novelist -- then dying in a car crash on a dark road at night. The biographical novel is a popular form these days, which should please the editors, and the public feeling towards France seems to be turning around. The only problem I see is that Camus already wrote an autobiographical novel. In my defense, though, he never quite finished it, he didn't get to include the absurdly banal final events, and it's quite out of date.

Ah well. Maybe after I finish my massive popular biography of Claude Shannon...


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