June 18, 2004


You've seen "Rose of Versailles". You've revelled in the edge-of-your-seat court intrigue: Will Marie talk to Countess DuBarry? How 'bout now? Are we there yet? My god, how many episo *cough* Will Marie get kicked out of the court? Why the hell no^h^h phew, I mean.

You've thrilled to the subplot of the treacherous child of a non-aristocratic mother who claims aristocratic lineage when in fact her caring, virtuous sister is really the one with good blood!

You've kind of noticed that almost everyone is either snow-white or absolutely evil. Hard to get excited about that one.

You've watched its tragic, inevitable ending. [I still haven't, but I would have if the damned court intrigue stuff hadn't taken so long!] (SPOILER WARNING: Louis XVI dies. Antoinette dies. Fersen runs away, then dies. Etc.)

Now prepare for a new anime show, focusing on the scene across the pond: "Rose of the Grange"! It focuses on the young daughter of Lafayette, who becomes a clerk in the service of Alexander Hamilton in the Treasury -- dressed as a boy! She begins to suspect Hamilton of treachery to the revolution and falls in with the Republicans, finally ending up as Aaron Burr's second's second in the infamous duel. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll sit up all night damning John Jay.


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